Amazon Has an Outlet section.

Did you know that Amazon has an outlet/clearence section for music equipment. I just found this out recently and I cant stay off of it. I check it every night before I go to sleep. Why? Amazon changes their price daily, sometimes hourly, and things get added daily. I always check because I am always looking for a great deal. Just as I type, some items in my cart had a price change. I wish I could say it's always good price changes, and they usually are, but this time they all went up. WAYYYY UP! That brings me back to the point I stated a few lines ago, Amazon is always changing up their prices. Real world example. My sister was trying to purcahse a computer for my mom. She sent me the link of a computer she found for $479. I checked it and agreed it was a good computer. She pressed the "buy it" button, but the price jumped to $623 dollars while I was checking the specs. The time frame from when she sent me the link to me sending it back to her was about 30 mins.

I when it comes to me, I like to play the waiting game. I like to leave the music equipment in my cart and watch how low the item gets. The only problem with that is that at not only I run the risk of Amazon increasing the price, but I also run the risk of someone else buying the gear. I just missed out on a set of 16" Meinl Marching Cymbals for $84 that I wanted to make into a set of High Hats.

So do yourself a favor and check out the Amazon Outlet page. You will thank me later.

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