2020...The worst year of my life???

As we kick off 2021, I look back and ask, was 2020 the worst year of my life? 0n September 17 of 2019 I pack my bags, music equipment, movie scripts and camera gear into my 2007 Ford E350 and moved to Long Beach California to stay with my sister for a little while until I got on my feet. I just knew I was going to find a music gig playing at a church, sell my movie script, and my gameshow was going to take off in no time. I knew I was God was going to open every door for me because I believed in him whole heartily and I am Isaac Fletcher and I am favored, duhhhhh. I was absolutely positive that I was going to meet people and network with like minded people like my self and breakout no problem. I was coasting for a while getting use to Cali, trying to find a church and musicians and converting my truck into a mobile studio since I didnt have a place to practice. I said, "Ok Isaac, you don't know what to do but you can't be lazy. You have stuff you trying to accomplish." I was prepared to hit the ground running Jan 1st, that . Well on Jan 1st I got extremely sick. I mean EXTREMELY SICK. I rarely get sick, maybe once a year....maybe; so for me to get sick for 24 hours is crazy. This time I was sick for 3-4 days. I even asked God if He was about to call me home. I definitely never experienced anything like that before, but it was just a foreshadowing of what was to come for the rest of 2020.

Well as we all know, Covid hit, and boy did it hit hard! Everything shut down and with that, my dreams of playing at churches and performing my outdoor game show was shut down too. I started trading stock options but had to take a break because I was getting so anxious that I started sleeping horribly. I mean like 4 hours a night. It was all because I was worried about making money. I started Voice Acting (I secretly always wanted to be a voice actor) but I didn't have an agent so it was extremely difficult to land a gig. I finished my first edit of movie script but got so distracted about not having an income that I keep forgetting fished the next edit. I lost $4000 in the stock market chasing trades when I knew better. Why did I make such a stupid mistake? You guessed it, because I had to make money somehow.

Welllll guess what... I started to get depressed. Nothing I planned and envisioned was coming true and looking at all of the "Instagram Success Stories" wasn't helping at all. I also started losing muscles and weight because I couldn't go to the gym which lead to more depression. The gym is a major part of my life and not being able to go really weighed heavy on me. At one point I started to think back on my choice of education in college and got mad. Why the heck did I choose criminal justice. I cant do anything with that but be a cop....AND I DON'T WANT TO BE A COP ANYMORE. I love math and science. Why OHH Why didn' t I go into engineering? I could have do so much more that degree. I made so many mistakes in education and career choices/path that I couldn't help but realize that this is not a great year for me. I have an entrepreneur mentality and desire, but it just wasn't working out for me, no matter how hard I tried. Other people really flourished in 2020, but me and my choices led me to a horrible crappy feeling of complete failure. I had to figure out what was the cause of me feeling so bad. Then it hit me...SOCIAL MEDIA, specifically Instagram. So toward the end of the year I decided to change up my social media intake and boy that really helped.

So in conclusion was 2020 the worst year of my life....HECK YEAH!!!! Being broke is never fun. But I thank God for my parents and my sister. They have been there every step of the way supporting me and helping me out; just like when I was trying out for the NFL and CFL. No 2020 wasn't all bad; none of my family died and I still have a roof over my head and I thank God for that. I will tell you the truth I came close to losing the faith but that just not the Isaac Fletcher that God created for the world to see.

Be Good, Be Cool, and B EZ


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